Mr. Beatley makes a splash

Mr. Beatley Makes a Splash
Posted on 04/10/2017
Mr. Beatley

  Mr. Beatley Makes a Splash!

By Sage Henke and Nevaeh Calvillo

There’s nothing fishy about Mr. Beatley’s amazing fish nursery. In our newest Talmadge sixth grade science class, a new project is taking place. Mr. Beatley, our sixth grade science teacher has a mini fish nursery in his classroom that was donated. The class gets batches of fish eggs for their nursery every time another batch leaves. They keep these fish until they're able to go out into the wild.   

    “We had Chinook salmon in the fall and now we have some rainbow trout,” says Beatley. The fish are given to them through the Oregon Department Of Fish and Wildlife.    

    We asked if these gorgeous guppies are ever a distraction in class. “ They are only ever a distraction when their hatching, then some students will even try to get out of their seats to go see the fish,” Beatley answers.

    Once the fish hatch they are released into our local Ash Creek. The students with a fishy taste in science that helped with this project were Kendall Seidel, Norah Steed, Nick Larson and Kristin Taylor of Beatley’s second period class.

 When we  asked these four students what they do to help with this project, they responded, “ Well, mostly we collect data, change the water and help set them free sometimes.” The students don’t have to feed them because these guppies diets consist of their hatched eggs and yolk sack!

   Mr. Beatley was also awarded a coveted $1,000 grant from Maps Credit Union for his Science class. He will use this money for future projects and assignments. Overall, this year’s sixth grade science program is soaring, and swimming.