Record breaking track meet

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Posted on 11/10/2015
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  A Record Breaking Track Meet

By: Sage Henke

On Tuesday April 4th,  the Talmadge Track Team hosted our first and only home meet of the season! Thanks to Head Coach Jay Glassman, Assistant and Jump Coach Amanda Bergstad, Throw Coach Joe Presler, Sprint Coach Anna Schamp and Distance Coaches Mr. Avery and Mr. McCallister,  our meet was phenomenal! Glassman says, “It was a really good meet, there were lots of successful achievements, lots of records got broken. I hope to see a lot of kids Improve upon their marks in the next meet.”

Coach Bergstad adds, “ I would like to see all of my jumpers hit their PR next meet.”

     We also had some record breakers at this meet. Sophie Bliss broke the record for girls 100m hurdles with a time of 18.56 seconds! Next, throwing the javelin 671/2 feet was Devon Hedges! We asked Hedges, “ Were you surprised that you broke the record?” Devon replied, “ Yeah, I was surprised, I wasn’t really planning on breaking any records this early in the season.”

    Finally, the 6th grade new comer Teo Le broke the previous record by a fraction of a second and ran the 400m in a shocking 1:09.35 seconds! We asked Teo, “ Were you expecting to break any records this meet?” Teo responded, “ It just happened, I was planning on running fast though.”

     Upon interviewing some other athletes how they felt about the meet, Isaiah Hall says it was “a good meet, it was fun.” He hopes to beat Kaleb McArthur but modestly says he won’t.   We wish you good luck, Isaiah!

     Kalli Wakefield and Juliet Alarcon both agree that the 7th grade girls 4x1 was great! 8th grader Hollie Aydelotte is excited to run the 4x1 this coming meet and Oscar Santillan wants his team to get 1st in the relay.  The meet was as long as it was fun but in the end it was a great way to start a fabulous season.